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el diAblo es un magnífico ⌁ ihä (split album)

1. En el descenso de las aguas
2. Chivito negro de cinco patas
3. 43 puestas de sol
4. La última caída

1 recorded by Daniel Llermaly and edited by Cristian Sánchez and Joaquín Contreras. 2 recorded by Daniel Llermaly, assisted by Juan Ignacio Rodríguez. el diAblo es un magnífico was Antonio Aldunate (guitar on 1), Cristian Sánchez (sampler, synthesizer, tarka, Andean flute), Daniel Llermaly (bass), Raúl Díaz (drums on 1), Cristóbal Cornejo (drums on 2). 3 and 4 composed, recorded and mixed by ihä at Ce chemin est le bon, Santiago, Chile. ihä was Ignacio Moreno (keyboards, effects). 1, 3 and 4 mastered by Michel Leroy at Templo Sagital, La Serena, Chile. Collage, artwork and design by No more Fluxà.

Release history:
16.03.2019 ᴥ Independent ᴥ CDr/digital.

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Colectivo Expectador [ES]:
«ihä portraits, patiently and in a minimalist key, scenes which adjust to the psyche of each one, thus leading the word infinity to take shape in the most immense way possible.»

Fragmented Flâneur [EN]:
«The ihä side feels almost poetic in the way that its drones glides through the mind. It is music that has no sharp edges, but rather gradually erodes the mind creating smooth yet defined sonic channels […]. I really could listen to this all day and feel very well fed indeed.»

Sonidos Ocultos [ES]:
«ihä induces a state of poetic contemplation which keeps echoing even after listening. […] All in all, this split reveals a sound of cathartic and urgent unorthodoxy. A brief appearance in the national spectrum which clearly deserves to be prolonged in time.»

Opduvel [NE]:
«A great split album that seems like new full-length albums from both acts.»