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ihä is an experimental music project formed by Ignacio Moreno Fluxà in Santiago, Chile, in the winter of 2011. He released his first record, Un nuevo comienzo, in June 2011, followed by a period of eclectic sonic exploration which yielded a series of self-released works. As a closure of this phase, ihä published Ironía in 2016, an album which constitutes the consolidation of the introspective drone music towards which his sound moved, and which would be reissued by Californian label Black Horizons the following year.

Later, in 2017, Esperanza was released, marking a transition towards an increasingly atmospheric, ethereal and minimalist sound. This new sonic vein reached its pinnacle in Estructuras de aire, colonias de soplo. The album, released by Peruvian label Necio Records in April 2018, took a decisive step toward the soundscapes of ambient music in its purest form, thus shaping a more delicate and mature work than its predecessors, leading to its being included amongst the ten best Chilean avant-garde albums of 2018 by music magazine Rockaxis.

Two new works were released in 2019: a split album with the band el diAblo es un magnífico, and Espacios cruzados, a live album released by Chilean label Medio Oriente. Both were included between the best Chilean albums of the year by such webzines as Ciudad Sonora, Expectador and Profesor Rayado. Another highlight from 2019 was ihä's participation in LeRock Fest 2019, a massive festival headlined by US band A Place to Bury Strangers.

2020 was another prolific year. April saw the release of Lof, a collaborative live album with Asunción, which was followed in May by a split EP with Orquesta Pandroginia. A new album was also released in May, Absorto. A successor to Estructuras de aire…, this work persists in the more minimalist side of ihä's sound, tinged with a calm, meditative spirit. In contrast, Ocaso, an EP released in December, explores the intimate warmth of acoustic guitar, while preserving the introspective character of his work.

2021 was characterised by a festive spirit due to the celebration of ihä's first decade of activity. In this line, Chilean label Diseminación released, in February, a remastered reissue of the compilation En busca del tiempo perdido (2017), which synthesises ihä's first lustrum of sonic experimentation. Shortly after, April saw the release of the live EP Espacios interrumpidos. Its delicacy and careful quietude were highlighted by both Chilean (Expectador, Sonidos Ocultos) and international websites (Opduvel in the Netherlands, Issues Magazine in the United States).

In June 2021, exactly ten years after his first work was published, ihä released Espectros, a compilation of home demos and unreleased recordings, with a melancholic and contemplative character. Few months later, in December, Inmersión, a new full-length album, was released, characterised by a calm, atmospheric and hypnotic sound. Soon afterwards, ihä took part in YŌKAI, a mixtape released by Italian label Dio Drone, a household name in the world of contemporary experimental music. Later that month, and as a closure of the celebration of his first decade of existence, ihä published Alteridades, a compilation featuring remixes by eminent artists both from Chile and abroad (Aidan Baker, Nàresh Ran, Juan Manuel Patricio, etc.).

2022 saw see the release of Espacios disueltos, a new live album, consisting of two long pieces which, while preserving ihä's ambient spirit, are strongly influenced by minimalism.

ihä is as a far-left, anti-capitalist, anti-fascist, anti-racist, anti-xenophobe, pro-feminist and pro-LGBTQI+ project.