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«Estructuras de aire, colonias de soplo»

1. La única fuente de lo sagrado
2. 43 puestas de sol
3. El sueño de la razón produce monstruos
4. Arde como una vela en el sufrimiento

Composed, recorded and mixed by ihä at Ce chemin est le bon, Santiago, Chile. Mastered at Templo Sagital, La Serena, Chile. Collages and design by No more Fluxà. ihä is Ignacio Moreno (keyboards, effects).

Release history:
17.04.2018 ᴥ Ce chemin est le bon (ce chemin 020) ᴥ Digital.
17.04.2018 ᴥ Necio Records (NR-028) ᴥ Digital.
21.07.2018 ᴥ Necio Records (NR-028) ᴥ CD.

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Epifanía Subterránea [ES]:
«It is unavoidable to think in warm landscapes during a nice afternoon.» [ES]:
«[The album] shows delicate ambient layers which lay down gently on top of each other, which are formed calmly, with patience, subtly exhorting the listener […]. A refreshing listen.»

Opduvel [NE]:
«ihä takes you on a journey through abstract landscapes […]. It is patient music that does not impose itself, but that nevertheless requires careful listening, purely through the inevitable splendor of sounds.»

Merchants of Air [EN]:
«A soothing yet immersive piece of work […] Play it loud enough, not too loud, close your eyes and let this talented act guide you through the wonderful world of ihä.»

Psych Insight Music [EN]:
«This is music that creates a wonderful listening space. A place to listen to the music, but also listen to yourself as you drift along on the subtle rhythms and gentle sonic waves. […] This, then, is like sitting on an imaginary beach starting out on a virtual sea and just being… and that is a beautiful place to be.»

Encyclopedia of Electronic Music [EN]:
«A nice, moody release.»

Sonidos Ocultos [ES]:
«[The album] unveils an unreal sound, full of mystic drones which both daze and nurture the soul.»

Rockaxis [ES]:
«The musical cadence is a metaphor of a tender and sincere animal, who suffers, calms down, and overcomes, with all the density of life, without abstractions nor transcendental justifications. A living and incarnate minimalism which goes up and down like the sea, a tide over which the hypnotised and moved listener floats. […] The gentleness and delicacy of the sonic becoming of this album caresses from the ears.»

Fons Inmortalis [DE]:
«ihä creates, with his atmospheric soundscapes, a very reflective and partly religious appearance, […] an introspective mood of inner contemplation and calmness. "Estructuras de aire, colonias de soplo" is dedicated relaxation music for sound purists and aesthetes.»