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1. Esperanza
2. Un salto dichoso hacia la eternidad
3. Tiro al aire

Composed, recorded, mixed and edited by ihä at Ce chemin est le bon, Santiago, Chile. Artwork and design by No more Fluxà. ihä is Ignacio Moreno (guitar, keyboards, effects).

Release history:
31.10.2017 ᴥ Ce chemin est le bon (ce chemin 015) ᴥ Digital.
31.10.2017 ᴥ Ce chemin est le bon (ce chemin cs002) ᴥ Tape.

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Merchants of Air [EN]:
«This certainly is a nice addition to your ever growing ambient collection, no doubt about that.»

Opduvel [NE]:
«With Esperanza, ihä adds three beautiful pieces to his already unusual musical output. Each of the pieces fascinates and mesmerizes in its own way. The created atmospheres range from imperturbable to warm and the mood varies from melancholic to hopeful. Nevertheless, the album sounds like a coherent whole. You can feel the emotional movements as a natural process. Extraordinary and exceptionally beautiful.»

Sonidos que permanecen [ES]:
«ihä's sound shows a marked evolution; the three pieces which constitute Esperanza are amongst Ignacio's best compositions to date, no doubt. With his much cleaner sound, as well as with his allusions to the eternal, ihä achieves a moving record which manages to transmit a feeling of tranquillity and hope.»