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1. Contra toda dictadura
2. Todo lo sólido se desvanece en el aire, todo lo sagrado es profanado
3. Destrucción creadora
4. Sólo paz
5. La melancolía de América Latina
6. Sin economía

Composed, recorded and edited by ihä. Cover artwork by NUR. Design by Ignacio MF. ihä is Ignacio Moreno Fluxà (guitar, effects).

Release history:
13.05.2016 ᴥ Ce chemin est le bon (ce chemin 013) ᴥ Digital.
13.05.2016 ᴥ Ce chemin est le bon (ce chemin cs001) ᴥ Tape.
03.11.2017 ᴥ Black Horizons (BH-112) ᴥ Tape.

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Psychedelic Waves [EN]:
«This is experimental music designed with passion at its heart.»

Rockaxis [ES]:
«Ironía stands out for being an exhibition of a minimalism that is taken to a degree of rousing simplicity.»

Sonidos que permanecen [ES]:
«ihä represents the other face of new Chilean sounds, less popular in the press, but whose ideas are worth by their own weight.»

Yeah I Know It Sucks [EN]:
«You might not believe in it, but it's clearly the sound of heaven that we get served over here.»